Collaborative Working Saves Money

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In this current climate it's all about saving money, cutting costs, but still providing a high level of service.

So how can we do that? A great way is by working together.  Aristotle once said"The whole is more than the sum of its parts" and that is exactly what collaboration is all about.

Collaboration is nothing new, but it has never been applied effectively within CDMand Asbestos management. Both of these areas are a result of legislation and they tie-in to other legislation such as waste managementcompetence management, fire, risk assessments and record documentation to name but a few. It's a tough call as a Client to administer to all the requirements under the Law, as well as doing it on a shoe-string budget.

So how can we achieve all this? It's simple; start networking, work together; form collaborative working partnerships, connect with people, join forces and find the 'synergy' between you. This can be role driven, service driven or people driven - it does not matter. Those involved then need to form a relationship and formalise boundaries. After that, all you do is 'do what you are good at in particular' and let the others do what they do best. The end result will be a service or a product that will satisfy the specific needs of all parties; The Client adheres to legislation and the various Provider(s) can supply the right goods or services.

In our case at Ai Solutions, we provide the ToolKit CS™ software and have done so for over 16 years. We are good at what we do, as our customers will testify. We decided in 2011 to expand our horizons but, like a lot of organisations at the moment, it's difficult to justify a large spend on new innovative software, or to employ lots of new staff in the current financial climate.  In the world of CDM, collaborative working is quite 'old hat' and it is expected that those involved in a CDM project 'work together'. We have taken this one step further by joining forces with other providers of software solutions to provide our clients with a 'complete solution'. Our partners, Waste Plan Solutions, Altius Vendor Assessment and Watson & Sole believe that the key is 'sharing of information' between our products saving time, effort and cutting costs.

We consider our collaboration to be unique in the construction industry. With our 'holistic approach' the Client can cover many of the requirements under law as well as saving time, effort and money by centralising the process and providing the mechanism for sharing of information. It sounds fantastic, but it works!

How can you be part of this working arrangement? Contact us at [email protected] or call us on 01525 850080 and let the professionals show you how we can help your organisation save money and still 'get the job done'.

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