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    Only use the services you need for CDM, SWMP, Competence and O&M.
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    The tools provided by each member of the collaboration are easy to use and provide help along the way.
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    Each member of the collaboration is an expert in their own field so you recieve great support to help you meet the requirements of the regulations.

The Collaboration

  • Altius Vendor Assessment
    Altius Vendor Assessment
    CDM Coordinators can verify and assure compliance of contractors using the Altius Vendor Assessment system, which is a free service to clients and main contractors. This is a best-practice assessment process that is evidence based and includes Safety Scheme in Procurement (SSIP) CDM accreditation.
  • Ai Solutions Ltd
    Ai Solutions Ltd
    Ai Solutions' ToolKit CS™ CDM management software provides an integrated knowledge base, document templates and competency management capabilities to provide a fully audited solution for all projects, properties and structures.
  • Waste Plan Solutions
    Waste Plan Solutions
    The WastePlan tool from Waste Plan Solutions supports clients through all the steps of developing and executing a best practice, Environment Agency compliant, site waste management plan.
  • Watson & Sole
    Watson & Sole
    CDM Coordinators can gain web access to the INTELI-SCAN system, from Watson & Sole. This provides an online building library, where documents can be stored and retrieved through a fully indexed search for live reporting, and easy updating.
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